The 2020 Digital Learning Journey on Growth Disorders

The 2020 Digital Learning Journey on Growth Disorders


Growth failure is the most common reason for referring children to a secondary or tertiary medical center, and to pediatric endocrinologists especially. Nowadays, many diseases are known for underlying poor growth in all stages of childhood, from the pre-natal period through to adolescence. A science-based approach to managing a correct differential diagnosis is crucial for care providers, saving both time and resources.
Scientific Seminars is proposing a high-level, multi-format, outcomes-based educational approach to accompany healthcare professionals along a progressive pathway towards changes in their clinical practice. The digital learning journey starts with interviews with international experts in genetic causes of short stature, continues with a live webinar on the classification and management of growth disorders, delivers discussion of real clinical cases with interactive elements and concludes with reports from outstanding scientific meetings on pediatric endocrinology.
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Scientific Seminars works closely with our learners to gain their valuable feedback on our educational programs and being responsive to learner feedback is essential to ensure that we continue to deliver educational experiences of the highest quality. Therefore we ask our learners to provide us with their valuable feedback on our educational journeys.
Upon completion of the journey, it will be possible to fill out an Evaluation Form which will give our learners the opportunity to participate in the draw for an annual subscription to Hormone Research in Paediatrics, a Journal of Karger Publishers.
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These e-learning activities are intended for all healthcare providers involved in the care of diseases affecting growth in childhood. The content will be particularly relevant to specialist care providers, including pediatric endocrinologists, scientists, pediatricians involved in chronic disease care and pediatric nurses. However, any healthcare professionals involved in managing children with chronic conditions affecting growth and their quality of life will find this digital learning journey advantageous for his/her own professional development.

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CME Manager: Flaminia Masprone
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This educational program is made possible thanks to an independent educational grant received from Merck Healthcare KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.